Senior GO Engineer

Madrid, Madrid, Comunidad de, Spain · Product


Our Product & Engineering teams are based in Madrid and Barcelona and include an eclectic bunch of awesome people (Ruby, Elixir, Javascript Mobile Engineers, Product Designer, QA Engineers, DevOps and Data Scientists). Right now we’re working on some pretty greenfield projects with a solid set of product ideas lined up ready for innovative engineers to tackle and of course we have big plans to disrupt urban mobility to make cities a much nicer place to live in!

While cultivating sustainable 'smart cities' is gaining momentum, and it seems that everyone (and their brother) wants to be part of making this happen even if it is just by introducing 10 GPS bikes in their town, Cabify is one of the very few places where you can not only test and learn, but also implement great ideas that will inevitably impact how our cities will look in 20 years time.

As you can imagine this is an extremely exciting time for Cabify and the Data Science team, and people who us join now are guaranteed to have a huge impact in the business and the future of smart cities.

If you have a passion for mobility and solving distributed programming problems,then this is the ideal job for you. As a Go Engineer at Cabify you will be working with awesome people, solving complex problems and working with other cool tools along the way. You may also be required from time to time to work on various services and routing layers of our platform which is built in Go and Elixir.

Ideal requirements:

We’re looking for great Engineers who understand the intricacies of how different technologies work together and who are able to purpose solid solutions for day to day problems and understand the tradeoffs their solutions may imply.

Perks that come with the job:

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